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For almost two decades New Millennium boutique represents popular trends, works in harmony with all European standards and is the best option for the most sophisticated clients.

New Millennium is a luxury area, where inimitable styles and elegant images are at the top. This is the place, where each man can transform himself as perfectly as he dreams only about!

“New Millennium” luxury-class boutique is at the very heart of the capital. The shopping area consists of several halls, each one with unique decoration and individual color palette. The most severe standards of merchandizing are taken into account at placement of any and all brands providing quality of client service and making selection of clothes or shoes much more comfortable. More than 500 items are in our range of goods, owing to which you are able to buy everything at the first dash without spending a lot of time for shopping. We know the real value of time of our clients that is why the highly-qualified sales advisors pay emphatic attention to every visitor of our boutique. They assist you to select not only the basic wardrobe but to create an eye-catching image for a special case or to find a business suit, which will be a crucial building block at conclusion of a profitable deal. For those, who are keen on sports and active lifestyle, our boutique offers sport fashion lines manufactured by most of our brands.

You can complete each of these styles with the suitable accessory, such as a specially treated leather belt, a brief-case with gun-steel lock or even an organizer made of non-deformable Morocco leather.

The important principle of New Millennium boutique is individuality in all ways. Each new collection brings together the latest design solutions and classics in its modern version. We are proud that the most part of buyers visiting us for the first time become our valuable clients and loyal friends.
New Millennium boutique for men
Amir Temur avenue, 89A
100001 Tashkent


+998 (71) 233 00 44
Mon - Fri 09.00 - 18.00 local Tashkent time